083012_1437_NetworkChir2.jpgTricare Chiropractor Dr. Dan Foss San Antonio, Texas. Many of my military patients have asked me if Tricare Cover’s Chiropractic. Here is the short answer.

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There are many different Tricare Plans the 3 primary plans are:

  • Tricare Standard – Typically for retirees.
  • Tricare Extra- Allows you to see provider’s off base and is a PPO Plan.
  • Tricare Prime – HMO Plan. You have to go to providers inside the network.

The only way that you can see a Chiropractor and have tricare cover it is to see a Chiropractor on base or at the Vetrans Hospital. This has been a major problem since here in San Antonio there are over 1,000,000 active military and military retiree’s in San Antonio for 2 Chiropractor’s.  One Chiropractor Dr. Paul Scurka currently work’s at the Audie L Murphy Vetrans Hospital here in San Antonio.

The problem is that with all of the military and service members requiring Chiropractic there simply is too many people and not enough Doctor’s of Chiropractic in the miltary to provide care. Also many vetran’s receive care but cannot get the necessary treatment that they need and deserve.


My mission at Pura Vida Chiropractic is to help as many families as possible receive Chiropractic care the way that my family receives Chiropractic Care.

We have many options for Tricare Patients.  I want Vetrans and their families to have access to the chiropractic care they deserve without the un-necessary cost and time needed to get an appointment. Please contact my office for any further questions at 210-685-1994


With great respect, Dr Foss