Have you ever wished for health care that improve your health without carrying all the negative side-effects of drugs and surgeries? Here at Pura Vida Chiropractic, we try to provide you with just that through the science of chiropractic.

Finding a San Antonio Chiropractor

The stress that modern life puts on a person’s body is nothing to overlook. Living in a large and modern city like San Antonio is great, but it can also take its toll on your health. For instance, your job might require you to sit hunched over for hours on end each day, inevitably leading to back problems that affect your entire body. Having a physical occupation – doing anything from construction work or cleaning to sports – will eventually cause you to drop your posture as you look to give your muscular system some much-needed relief.

Once you develop this habit, your joints will slowly start ‘moving out of place’, so to speak, leading to a variety of issues you probably won’t know the cause of – pain throughout the body, headaches, low energy, low motivation, a general feeling of fatigue and so forth. Unfortunately, a physically-taxing job is just one of the causes of back pain, pinched nerves and out-of-position joints – how about an hours-long San Antonio commute where you eventually abandon your posture altogether and simply sink in your car seat? Or maybe you love nothing more than to sit in your favorite armchair and relax after a long day – the same armchair that lulls you into slumping. The list is endless, and so are the threats to your well-being.

Even caring for or nurturing others can ‘reward’ you with musculoskeletal issues. For example, pregnant women often underestimate the secondary effects that their pregnancy has on their bodies. 9 months of extra weight located at your front midsection will hurt the backs of even the most upright of child-bearers. Things get even worse for your spine once the child is born – anyone who’s seen a mother care for her child knows that she will seemingly spend most of her time hunched over. In all the efforts to keep an eye on someone else’s health, we tend to completely forget our own.

How Pura Vida Chiropractic Can Help

pura vida chiropractic san antonio chiropractor blogHere at Pura Vida Chiropractic, we aim to heal without causing more damage in the process. Dr. Dan Foss is a San Antonio Chiropractor and contrary to what many believe, our joints, muscles, nerves and organs are all closely related to each other, and one can cause problems for the others simply based on ‘familial relation’. That’s why back pain or bad posture tend to translate to headaches, and it’s also why our patients report a general sense of relief in their entire body after a few treatments.

For all the talk we hear about organ health, everyone seems to forget the importance of a healthy spine. More than perhaps any other part of our body aside from the brain, the spine is central to every function we perform. A spine in bad condition is reminiscent of a failing organ – everyday life becomes a chore on its own, and we have to struggle twice as hard as others to perform mundane actions.

Thanks to his extensive chiropractic training and plenty of experience working with patients of all ages, occupations and habits, Dr. Dan Foss believes that timely intervention is key when looking to restore your overall health. Our job becomes more difficult with each day you spend suffering from poor posture and displaced joints, although it’s never too late to make the right choice by stepping through our doors and asking for help.

A San Antonio Chiropractor That Speaks Spanish

Dr. Foss realizes that chiropractic treatments can seem painful or even frightening to an onlooker. Joint manipulations meant to restore your body back into shape can often produce a cracking noise, giving the impression that something is being broken. Luckily, when working with a master chiropractor like Dr. Foss, you never have to worry about injuries or even painful treatments. As long as it’s practiced by a licensed physician with experience, chiropractic is completely safe and will improve your health in ways that are out-of-reach for most medical practices.

We have no one-size-fits-all treatment available. To know how extensive your therapy will have to be and which methods will yield best results, we’ll first need to perform a thorough examination. Together, we’ll go over your history and single out circumstances that have (or have had) a negative effect on your health. Then, we’ll examine your body and its joints to get a grasp of the situation – before we start anything, we need to know the type and severity of the damage done. With this information, we’ll create the appropriate course of treatment – while you’re sure to feel like a new person by the end of the course, most of our patients report significant improvements after just a single session with our San Antonio chiropractor.